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Here are a list of 7 very important business practices to maximise the chance of your business success:

1. Pay bills within 48 hours of when you receive them. Your accountant may tell you that’s crazy, but few things improve your reputation and gain as much positive publicity as paying your bills right away.

As word gets out, you might find that more vendors want your business – and that some vendors may give you a discount because you don’t make them wait for their money.

2. Keep employees happy and treat them with respect. Good employees are wonderful goodwill ambassadors. Plus, they stay at their jobs so you avoid recurring training costs. On the other hand, disgruntled employees undermine your marketing program and complain to everyone they see, spreading their poison all over town. If you cannot correct the underlying problem and turn grumbling employees into positive, enthusiastic employees, replace them.

3. Keep your promises. Unreliable people aren’t good friends – and they don’t make good lawyers. If you are not responsible, people will call you a flake. And if clients cannot depend on you to keep small commitments, do you really think they’ll trust you when the stakes are high? Stay true to your commitments and everybody wins.

4. Return phone calls promptly. The first and best response is the quick response. Still, since you won’t always be able to return calls quickly, explain to your clients how you handle return calls in your office. Train your receptionist to take messages in ways that reduce callers’ frustration. This includes asking if the call is urgent, so she can give it a high priority, and asking if someone else can respond to the callers request in your absence.

5. Keep your problems to yourself. Your problems have no place in a business discussion. Prospects and clients want to have confidence in your abilities. The more you discuss your challenges, the more prospects lose confidence in your ability to solve problems.

6. Show your appreciation at every opportunity. Tell people how grateful you are for their help. And for maximum impact, tell them in writing. I started sending thank-you letters five years ago. They don’t take long to write. And the act of sending a letter is so far beyond what most people would even consider that the recipient and his employer are really grateful for the gesture.

I send letters for several reasons: First, it makes the person who receives it feel good. Second, the person who receives it remembers me. And third, in an effort to live up to the letter’s high praise, the vendor gives me excellent service in the future. Whether it be a large corporate company or conglomerate such as Trauma Insurance or a small business dealing with collectibles, your approach should be the same.

7. Correct your mistakes immediately and overwhelmingly in your client’s favour. You will make mistakes. Everyone does. What matters is how quickly and completely you correct them. When you make a mistake, correct it immediately and overwhelmingly in your client’s favor. Your client will be so surprised that he will tell his family, friends, colleagues – almost everyone he knows. As a result, you will recoup the money you lose from the mistake at least tenfold through positive publicity and client loyalty.

8. Stay focused and energetic. Getting sick or tired can influence your productive. Which is why it helps to give your body a boost. Colloidal minerals make all your systems function more efficiently. Lots of trace elements to keep you at optimal health!

Another way to improve business relations stems specifically from your staff. Ensuring a happy work place where workers get along and all have a common goal is important. With people working long hours, fatigue obviously becomes an issue. Not surprisingly, coffee is an integral part of many employees day. So it can be good to invest in a high quality machine. This may not seem important, but great tasting coffee can go a long way to morale of the staff. Pelican Rouge is a recommended supplier of commercial coffee machines and only use the very best brands. We invested in one ourselves and have already received positive feedback on the early morning coffees!

Work parties are a great way for team building and forming bonds, which helps when the going gets tough. A great idea is a work cruise.

Another great idea that can boost morale and corporate relationships is by cakes. Cakes as a gift or just during a meeting can increase positivity and gratitude. Chef Momos speciliase in these such cake moments.

When you improve your business practices, you erase negatives that undermine your marketing efforts. If you don’t get rid of these arrows, someday you’ll find them in your chest. Obviously to get potential clients in the first place you will need to have an effective internet advertising campaign. This may utilise PPC, sponsored listings on Google or the other major search engines, organic SEO, or a combination of all three. However you go about getting your leads, once you get them, make sure you follow good practices to turn them into conversions.