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Temerity Concepts was formed in 2003 by Elliot Dean. The development of the business was by no means a stock-standard story, but instead a fine example of making the best of a bad situation. In 2002 doctors identified an extensive tumour on Elliot’s ankle, requiring surgery and a long recovery period. Stuck at home for nearly 4 months over the summer of 2002/2003, Elliot turned to the internet to maintain his sanity and help pass the time.

With a university background of psychology, criminology and zoology, Elliot had no formal training in computer science or web design. But that didn’t stop him developing an interest in the field, as he spent endless hours learning the tricks of the trade online, and building his own webpage.

This quickly spread to the design of a number of other websites, in areas that Elliot was interested in. He created an Australian music website (Oz Sounds), a horse racing website (Australian Racing Info) and a model portfolio site (Aussie Gurlz).

Once fully recovered from his ankle problems, Elliot continued to grow his web design knowledge, and developed a website for local Melbourne band, Cheezlekane. Soon after, his neighbour asked him to design a website for his car dealership in South Melbourne. Interfleet Car Sales was Elliot’s first paid job, and alas Temerity Concepts was born.

Over the past 8 years, Elliot has continued to build and refine his skills, gaining a lot of experience from close personal friend and Diskman CEO, James Demetrie. The business has also grown from simple web development to offering domain name registration, web hosting, search engine optimisation, promotions, logo design and more.

Today, Temerity Concepts has over 50 regular clients, with new design jobs coming through every week. They have created websites in numerous different fields including health and fitness, sports clubs, science, marketing, psychology, modelling, fashion, comedians, wildlife experts, home improvement companies and financial institutions to name a few.

Another new client is Pedders Suspension who are a well known brand around Australia. They are the car suspension specialists, also dealing with shock absorbers, brakes, power steering and a range of other auto related products.

For people with pets or livestock looking to feed them the very best quality food, we have to recommend Pet Horse Farm. Located in Melbourne, they have cat and dog food, chicken, horse and bird feed, and a range of pet supplies and accessories. They stock only the very best brands and deliver to your door.

Kerry is a fun filled client who runs All Tots Treasures and sells kids toys and other gift ideas for children. Whether you’re looking for clothing, personalised gifts, baby shower, baptism or christmas, there will be something fun, unique or educational for you! Focusing on young ones aged 0-8, I highly recommend All Tots for all things children!

Moving forward, the Temerity brand is undergoing a revamp, with a new website being launched along with a new logo and new packages for clients to choose from. It’s very exciting times for the fast growing business that had such humble beginnings.